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Clean rooms

Steril Milano is able to give a full service to check clean rooms and restricted areas according to ISO 14644 and EU-GMP.

– Anemometric test
– Contamination Test Class (ISO 14644 e Eu-GMP);
– Recovery Test
– Microbiological contamination test (surface and air) (ISO 14698 e GMP);
– Fisical parameter test (Brightness test, ΔP pressure gap, %Relative hunmidity, Temperature)

The final report are according the actual version of ISO.

Monitoring and controll of the clean room with the system Clean room Secure to monitor manage and controll the clean room and follow the directive of part 2 of ISo14644. The system is able to generate a very efficient energy saving in your clean room operational use.

Project, building and management of clean rooms.
Revamping, enlargment and sanification of clean rooms.